What are EMFs and why are they important?

by Dr. Annika

EMF is an abbreviation for Electro-magnetic field.

Essentially, an electromagnetic field arises anywhere that you have electricity moving or waves of certain frequencies being emitted (tv waves are infrared, for example).

Think about it: 100 years ago, the only radiation we were exposed to were from the sun and what naturally occurs in the earth in some places. Now we live in a soup of

  • radiowaves
  • tv waves
  • mobile phone waves
  • blutetooth
  • mobile phone towers (watch out for 5G)
  • electrical appliances including computers and wiring
  • microwaves
  • WiFi (yours and your neighbours’)
  • and if you have a mattress with springs and/or sleep on an electric blanket that is plugged in, you are sleeping on a sea of electricity
  • the list goes on….

The reason why this is a discussion worth having is because our bodies also have an EMF. There is a voltage across every cell membrane, which is the basis for how cells keep good stuff in and bad stuff out, for example. Our nerves and muscles are famous for running on electricity, including our hearts of course.

EMFs interact with one another, just as the ripples from two stones thrown into a pond at the same time will interact, meaning that if you come into contact with an EMF it is going to have an effect on your body. The question is, of course, if this effect is harmful.

A quick google search will bring up scientific papers that conclude that there is no conclusive evidence of a link between mobile phone use and brain cancers (absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence). – The only caution with that is that radiation is the only known cause for brain cancers (that doesn’t mean it’s the only cause) because brain cells divide very little and are relatively safe from cancer; the cells that live in tissues that divide frequently are far more prone to cancers.

We do know that mobile phone waves, for example, heat up the tissues in the head, such as the brain. You might notice your eyes being dry after talking on the mobile, for example. I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer not to have my brain tissue heated up on a regular basis.

The other concern is that while they may have studied the effect of a single type of radiation on a person or animal, they have definitely not looked into what the cumulative effect is of all the different types of radiation put together. And the new 5G network is a complete unkown, as it uses waves of a length that has a different effect on tissues that the other kinds we have been exposed to for a while now. And then add in all the other toxins we are exposed to and we really have no idea whatsoever what is likely to happen.

In our opinion, it’s not worth the risk. In our practice we only rarely find that people can handle having their phone on their body using muscle testing. How long did it take before it was finally scientifically evident let alone admitted publicly that smoking tobacco is harmful and that sugar wrecks your health? And while we might not all feel like going remote to stay out of reach of reception, there are some number of things you can do to reduce your exposure. Here are some suggestions:

  • Switch off your WiFi router unless you are currently using it.
  • Switch your phone on flight mode if you sleep with it near you.
  • Buy a mattress made from natural fibres (check out the natural bedding company)
  • Please just DON’T use a smartwatch. (I mean seriously??? You need to carry your device on your wrist??? Sleep with it near your head???) Or any other emitting/receiving device for that matter.
  • Only use your mobile on speakermode. Some of the few good news are that the radiation from mobiles is exponential, meaning that even if you are just at arm’s length, it will be a lot less radiation.
  • PLEASE keep your phone away from pregnant bellies and also children. Children’s skulls have not yet formed fully, and so let through a lot more radiation than adult ones.
  • Use protective devices (that work)