Chiropractic Services in Taree

Back and Neck Pain Treatment in Taree NSW

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Is your back or neck pain diminishing your life? Does it affect your ability to work and earn an income and is it severely limiting your enjoyment of life? Are you worried about how your back or neck will last over time? Maybe you have a niggle or nagging pain that’s been going on for too long now?

The most important thing is to get a correct diagnosis of the cause of the pain so the right treatment can then be prescribed. Our Chiropractors Annika and Graham have a combined 30 years experience and  will help you get back on track by getting you out of pain in the first instance but also identifying factors that got you into that trouble to begin with.

Peripheral Pain Treatment in Taree NSW

Peripheral Joint Pain

This includes the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and hip, knee, ankle and feet.

Just as your back or spine can “go out” or become misaligned, other joints can be affected as well. When they do, they become painful to use; you may feel weak and dysfunctional and be very annoyed. What this means for you is that you may have to compensate, putting huge pressure on other joints, exposing them to damaging wear and tear – this is not a sustainable situation.

Graham and Annika are very good at diagnosing joint problems at their Taree practice and will quickly determine what to do to re-establish optimum function in your joints.

Treating Sports Injuries in Taree NSW

Sports Injuries

Are you passionate about your sport? If so that’s great – Graham still loves a kick of the footy and a good surf session and Annika is a keen stand-up paddleboarder and dancer! We were made to move right?! Use it or lose it!! And the sooner we get back to our beloved sport, the better!

Taree and the Manning area have produced many professional and amateur sports people as well as those who are “weekend warriors” and hobbyists. If you have had a sports injury then Graham and Annika are well placed to help out because they have several ‘secret weapons’ up their sleeves in the form of Applied Kinesiology, which is jam-packed with muscle testing and muscle manipulative therapies.

When you come and see Applied Kinesiology in action for a sports person you will wonder why you would go anywhere else!

Treating Tiredness in Taree and Old Bar NSW


Have you noticed you don’t have the same “get up and go” you used to have? How much is this costing you in productivity at work as well as having fun and being able to re-charge? Do you find that you use Coca-cola®, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, or other stimulants just so you can get off to a start in the morning or sustain yourself for that big afternoon shift? When you go on holidays is it hard to get there and when you do you just flop out and don’t have enough energy to have fun?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are many things that can cause your energy to run down – chronic emotional and work stress, physical pain, worry, toxicity (since the industrial revolution there are now around 150,000 artificial chemicals in the environment that our systems have to work hard at breaking down and excreting). Sometimes we become deficient of the right minerals that convert food to energy in the body.

So, are you TIRED, TOXIC or all of the above?

Annika and Graham have very good skills in finding answers to questions that probably seem way too hard to address. As well as being very good detectives, we are also good at explaining things for you and giving you a very simple prescription targeted fair and square at the very seat of the cause of your tiredness problems.

Treating Jaw Pain in Taree and Old Bar NSW

Jaw Pain

Are you suffering from jaw pain? This can be an incredibly debilitating pain and one you would wish away instantly.

Often people have no idea where this arose from but it can follow after dental work or be the result of an old injury. It can also be related to chronic stress, or to poor alignment of jaw and skull bones and improper balance of the associated muscles.

Using advanced muscle balancing and cranial therapy, Annika and Graham can help restore proper balance and get rid of your jaw pain. They can also provide exercises that will help maintain jaw function.

If you have any jaw problems at all it is really important to get it checked out right away.  In growing  children, changes occur rapidly and sooner is better than later in terms of catching the problem early, and minimising intervention impacts.

Treating Scoliosis in Taree and Old Bar NSW


Do you or does your child have a curve in the spine? This can be a big concern when first discovered. In a child it may only be found after a Winter season when less clothing is now being worn and the child has just gone through a growth spurt, making the progression of a previously small and unnoticed curve, now apparent. There may be pain and discomfort as well and the child may be held back from participating fully in school or sports. They may get greater pain when they carry a heavy back-pack all day at school. The worrying fact about a scoliosis is that it can progress to a point where it requires surgery.

The most important aspect is to establish whether the scoliosis is of a type that is likely to progress. It is difficult to pinpoint the precise causes of scoliosis but there are often several contributing factors which can be managed to minimise the likelihood of progression.

Graham and Annika have a wealth of experience in managing Scoliosis issues in patients. We put your mind at ease by stepping you through our examination procedure, explaining our findings and their meaning for you of your child and how we will manage the problem.