About Spectrum Chiropractic in Taree

Spectrum Natural Family Healthcare is where we give you a great “health experience”.

Our goal is to direct you towards greater health and inspire you to be at your best for the long term. Our goal is also to achieve this in a way that is authentic for you and hopefully, fun as well. Our approach is to listen to you and be fully present, therefore creating a meaningful therapeutic relationship based on respect for you and your healing pathway.


Dr Annika Jende

Dr Annika Jende


Dr Annika Jende,  Chiropractor.
B. Sc., D. C. AECC
Cert. Applied Kinesiology, Cert. LifeLifeLine Technique.

Annika was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and studied Chiropractic in the UK, at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. She has been in Australia  since 1997; in the Manning Valley since 2005 and loves it here – this is her home because it feels like it is!

Annika is passionate about helping people realize the amazing potential they have to unleash joy in their lives. A major part of Annika’s time is spent studying and finding the best ways to relieve pain, improve function and allow people to see some light they may not have imagined was available to them. Over the years Annika has learned that to get deeper and better health outcomes, it can be really helpful to address not just the structural, but the chemical and emotional aspects of health as well, using Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, making this a truly holistic, tailor-made approach to health care.




Dr Graham Taylor

Dr Graham Taylor


Dr Graham Taylor, Chiropractor.
B. App. Sc. (Clinical science), B. App. Sc. (Chiropractic) RMIT
Cert. Applied Kinesiology, Cert.  Retained Neonatal Reflexes.

Graham is an ex-Victorian but loves the warm water and friendly atmosphere up this way. He completed Chiropractic Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne. He has also undertaken post graduate paediatric studies and continues to study in that area, as well as the Retained Neonatal Reflexes Technique (RNR) with which he has 13 years experience.

A major accident as a boy led Graham to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic in healing his body and this inspired him to become a Chiropractor. He sees the accident (that at the time was the worst thing ever) as a blessing – if he hadn’t had that trauma as a boy, he may not have been led to Chiropractic and may not otherwise value so greatly the gift of mobility and wellness. Graham loves helping people function and move better – so Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology are great vehicles to help achieve positive outcome for his patients. To keep Graham mobile, he also enjoys surfing, yoga and qigong – and these activities form a foundation from which Graham recommends appropriate exercises to help people get back to their best after injury.




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