Have you ever read the ingredients list on the sunscreen you use?

A good rule of thumb is: don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat, because it enters your blood stream through the skin (this is why nicotine, HRT and painkiller patches work). Most sunscreens have a whole lot of ingredients with a lot of x,y and z in them, and as a rule they are not good to ingest, nor to put on your skin. Benzoates for example cause cancer!

There are two sunscreens I use, one is called UV natural (I use the Sport version, because the regular stuff is extremely sticky -the sport version is too, but not as much). They also have a baby version which is probably the best of the best. The other is called wotnot – for what’s not in it.
You can buy them at the health food shop.

On a slightly different note, have you noticed how a lot of people end up with melanomas on their right temple? (Or that we all seem to age faster on the right side of our faces and on the right hand?).  The reason for this is driving! The UV rays do penetrate the window, and do their damage over time. The melanoma on the right temple happens because we drive with the window slightly open, and the sun hits us right there. So soup up if you are going for a drive (with the good stuff).