Muscle Memory

By  Don Foote

We are products of our day to day activities; whether we are on the tools or at a desk, we are creating memory in our physical bodies. This repetitive behaviour works the muscles continuously in set patterns which do not work the body in an even way. Generally we are overworking one set of muscles while others are not working much at all – making injury inevitable. You may notice, for instance, that you are continually rubbing one part of your neck. This could be fatigued muscles trying to fight against the stronger more used or contracted muscles or the reverse where the muscles you are using continuously have become so overloaded with lactic acid due to continual contraction that they feel painful all the time.

Either way, there is a condition which I call “motor-sensory amnesia” which is the condition where the message from the muscle to the brain gets lost in transition, for example in the case of the contracted muscle the message is interpreted as “just noise”. Corrective exercises allow the correct message to get through hence restoring normal function and a more balanced you. Generally corrective exercises are simple exercises that make a huge difference to how you feel – so next time you come in ask about them!

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