LifeLine technique

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The Lifeline Technique
Developed and taught by Dr Darren Weissman
Have you ever wondered why you always get what you expect, even if it is not what you want or strive for? Or why it is so hard to be the person you actually want to be, or have the relationships you want to have? Or why you have difficulty reaching your goals or fulfilling your expectations of yourself and the promises you have made to yourself?

The reason for this is that our subconscious minds run our lives 90-98% of the time, and our subconscious mind just reacts like a reflex, and – unlike your conscious mind – it does not have the power to think laterally or creatively or in line with your goals and ideals.

For example: We want to go to sleep early, but we “cannot” stop watching junk tv before bed; we want to lose weight or stop smoking, but just cannot leave the food or cigarettes alone; we want to get fit, but always seem to have something else more important to do…. then the two parts of our mind are pulling in opposite directions – kind of like a tug of war – and the the subconscious mind always wins. If our subconscious mind is in alignment with the conscious mind, we just go ahead and do it!

Our subsconscious mind’s job is to keep us safe. Our subconscious mind’s other job is to match what we see to what we believe: We don’t believe it when we see it, we see it when we believe it!

Between birth and the age of seven, your brainwaves are in a slightly hypnotic state, meaning that you take everything personally and absorb everything that happens to you uncritically, and in this process acquire beliefs about yourself, your world, your relationships and your life. If these beliefs are good, your life is most likely good. If these beliefs are limiting or difficult, your life is probably difficult and limited.

And here comes the rub: You don’t know what’s in our subconscious mind – if you did, it would be in our conscious mind!

The Lifeline Technique is a philosophy, science and quantum technology that bridges gaps between the conscious and subconscious mind, bringing them into alignment, in a very gentle, easy, effective and permanent way.

LifeLine Technique is unique to its understanding that subconscious patterns of reaction are at the root of every symptom, stress and disease. Subconscious patterns of reaction cause behavioural and biological stress when they are activated. In other words, stress and disease do not mean that there is something wrong with you, it just means that your subconscious mind is not in alignment with your conscious mind. So this is your invitation to take charge of your life and your power of transformation to life a life that is in alignment with your authentic self.

LifeLine sessions are available one-on-one, in groups, or online. Call us now on 6550 1223 for more details or to book an appointment.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the Lifeline Technique:

“The LifeLine group workshop for me :
– simple
– effective
– uplifting
Annika has conducted this workshop in a friendly, professional manner
coming straight from the heart.”


“Taking part in this LifeLine session has made me feel very relaxed and
stress free. I feel I now have the ability to cope with my anxieties and
stresses in a more positive way. I look forward to my individual session
with Annika this week.”