If you have come to our website you probably already know a bit about chiropractic- maybe your question is, “Can you help me”?

When you think about chiropractic do you identify it with getting a spinal adjustment or a crack?

Certainly we do manual spinal manipulation and a lot of health problems can be improved with that approach; for example, headaches caused by spinal misalignment. We have different ways of adjusting your spine and not all of them involve “cracking”. This is because there are differences between people in the way their bodies are built and the type of health problem they present with. It is true that our youngest patient came to see us aged two days and our oldest in his 90s, both of them with great results!

Many of our clients report that not only has their back or neck pain improved greatly but other factors have improved as well including better sleep, food digestion and clearer thinking.

If you have experienced these chiropractic benefits before, have you ever wondered why it happens? We know that 90% of the information” input” to the brain originates in joints, ligaments and muscles so if there is a signal from the body telling the brain something is not working the brain produces “output” in an attempt to protect you from further injury. The type of “output” produced is often expressed as muscle spasm, resulting in a bent body (one side of your pelvis may be “up”; the other “down” and you may have a curved spine or scoliosis. Observers may comment you are walking “kind of different”). There may be pain going places such as to your leg or buttock. Very often this problem responds very well to chiropractic care, because as well as balancing muscle tension, chiropractors go beyond the tight muscles to address the real cause of your  misalignment.

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